3 Most Innovative Bridal Wedding Gift Ideas

Are you looking for most unusual and innovative bridal wedding gift ideas? Invited to a close friend’s wedding and don’t know what to give? We can help you.


Most people keep a record of the wedding ceremony. You’ll find plenty of pictures taken at a wedding ceremony and everyone has a copy of the ceremony CD or DVD. Very few people realize that capturing the fun filled activities during the preparation for the ceremony are funnier and more personal. These memories can be captured by recording them silently and secretly to get the real and natural picture which is informal, casual and lovely.

Any bride will smile happily ad even shed tears of happiness on seeing this. Gift her this CD or DVD that captures funny and loving memories and makes it possible for these to be seen again and again over a long time to come. Such a brilliant bridal wedding gift idea is never to fail in making the bride happy.


A gift for the bride that reminds her of her childhood days or girlhood days can be great fun and have personal feelings attached that no expensive gift can purchase or exchange. Gift a set of her favourite childhood dolls or soft toys or something that reminds her instantly of her childhood – maybe a replica of her first birthday dress or her childhood milk bottle and cereal bowl. These are of no expense but are great on sentimental values and feelings.

You can even remind her of youthful days by gifting her a photograph of the two of you in your youth, in a nice frame engraved with your names. A bottle of her favourite drink can add spark to her stressed schedule at present. A DVD collection of her favourite Movies during college days or a set of makeup that she craved for when in university are great ideas. A voucher at a disco for a girls night out will make her laugh and she will thank you truly for giving her the high.


One great bridal wedding gift for brides can be enhancing their honeymoon by adding knick-knacks to it. Upgrade their flight tickets to first class or give them a surprise breakfast at bed by contacting the hotel they are in. Send them a bottle of champagne and a bunch of her favourite flowers to wish them luck and make them smile. Gift her a voucher at the spa there and let her relax after her wedding in resplendence. This will be truly appreciated.

You can even pay a band of musicians in the hotel they are dining at to play a surprise waltz after dinner. Or book the pent house for one night and surprise them pleasantly by gifting them a night under the starry skies. You can enhance their honeymoon this way and make them happier than ever. This is a great bridal wedding gift idea possible.

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